May-July Birthday Spotlight

Student Name: Rylee Kaup

Grade: 8th

Birthday: May 2nd

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Celebrating with friends

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Ice Cream Cake

Fun Fact: I share a birthday with Dwayne Johnson (the Rock).


Student Name: Ashlyn Bendel

Grade: 4th

Birthday: May 5th

Favorite Birthday Celebration:

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate / Tootie Frootie Rice Crispy Bars

Fun Fact: I am super flexible.


Student Name:



Favorite Birthday Celebration:

Favorite Cake/Dessert:

Fun Fact:


Student Name:



Favorite Birthday Celebration:

Favorite Cake/Dessert:

Fun Fact:


Student Name: Mason Duncan

Grade: 5th

Birthday: May 20th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: My 8th birthday

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Carrot Cake

Fun Fact: I am double jointed.


Student Name: Colin Arbach

Grade: 9th

Birthday: May 24th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Don’t have one

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Pumpkin Pie

Fun Fact: I like to play sports.


Student Name: Lane Stuwe

Grade: 6th

Birthday: May 25th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Going tubing

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Brownies

Fun Fact: I want to be a mechanic.


Student Name: Stephanie Simon

Grade: 8th

Birthday: May 28th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Blow out candles on a cake.

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting

Fun Fact: I like to read books.



Student Name: Eon Daugaard

Grade: 3rd

Birthday: June 1st

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Eat cake with my family and open presents

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Ice Cream

Fun Fact: I’m not very good at swimming.


Student Name: Dillion Talks

Grade: 10th

Birthday: June 6th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Family celebration

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Fun Fact: I am an Aviation Geek.


Student Name: Cadynce Mastel

Grade: 6th

Birthday: June 7th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Swimming

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Fun Fact: I can stay under water for 35 seconds.


Student Name: Ava Hartung

Grade: 3rd

Birthday: June 12th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Have my friends over to help celebrate

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Fun Fact: I like to run.


Student Name: Myah Johnson

Grade: 5th

Birthday: June 12th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: My grandma makes my favorite meal.

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Confetti Cake

Fun Fact: I like volleyball.


Student Name: April Kaiser

Grade: Kindergarten

Birthday: June 16th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Throwing water balloons – Unicorn Party

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Unicorn Cake that is Chocolate and lots of rainbow colors

Fun Fact: I have two sisters.  I love playing with my baby sister.


Student Name: Jonney Zweber

Grade: 1st

Birthday: June 19th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Have a party with my friends

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Brownies

Fun Fact: Loves to ride big rollercoasters!



Student Name: Alyssa Kaup

Grade: 3rd

Birthday: June 21st

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Friends over to celebrate

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Brownie

Fun Fact: I like to spend time with my family.


Student Name: Garret Simon

Grade: 8th

Birthday: June 21st

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Don’t have one

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Birthday cake

Fun Fact: I farm.


Student Name: Kimberly Hageman

Grade: 9th

Birthday: June 23rd

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Celebrating with Friends

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Ice Cream Cake

Fun Fact: I’ve been to California.


Student Name: Raquel Mitzel Kaup

Grade: 5th

Birthday: June 30th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Birthday party

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Fun Fact: I take care of a deer.



Student Name: Taylyn Rausch

Grade: 6th

Birthday: July 2nd

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Tubing/playing on lily pad

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Kaup Cake

Fun Fact: I like to be with my true friends.


Student Name: Grace Trefz

Grade: 12th

Birthday: July 9th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: My 9th Birthday party.

Favorite Cake/Dessert: German Chocolate

Fun Fact: I’ve had one wisdom tooth out but I have another that they left.


Student Name: Hope Rausch

Grade: 11th

Birthday: July 11th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Being with family

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Cheesecake

Fun Fact: I have a dog.


Student Name: Gabriella Collins

Grade: 5th

Birthday: July 15th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Swimming at the pool with family.

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Funfetti

Fun Fact: I love unicorns.


Student Name: Matthew Daugaard

Grade: 11th

Birthday: July 17th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: None

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Cheesecake

Fun Fact: My next birthday will be my golden birthday.


Student Name: Elliot Talks

Grade: 11th

Birthday: July 19th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Bull Riding the Day of

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Angel Food Cake

Fun Fact: I have done Bareback, Bull Riding and Indoor Sky Diving.


Student Name: Jaxson Spindler

Grade: 10th

Birthday: July 20th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: The gifts

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Cheesecake

Fun Fact: I work on a farm.


Student Name: Paiton Johnson

Grade: 7th

Birthday: July 22nd

Favorite Birthday Celebration: 13th Birthday at the Lake Cabin

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen

Fun Fact: I like to ride horse.


Student Name: Charlee Stuwe

Grade: 1st

Birthday: July 28th

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Anything!

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Fun Fact: I think “unicorn birthdays” are the best.


Student Name: Joan Schmidt

Grade: 11th

Birthday: July 31st

Favorite Birthday Celebration: Spending time with sister and watching the Trolls movie and series.

Favorite Cake/Dessert: Sugar Free Pudding

Fun Fact: I like to do hair and makeup with people.