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Welcome families would be for the first 4/6 weeks when the students first arrive. This would allow time for the students to complete their enrollment in school and book their flights to arrive on time for the fall activities calendar and the start of school and also enable Forte to continue to look for a permanent host family for them during that 4/6 week window of time. If you have any other questions please reach out the heidi morlock. information below!



Here are the students:


*Amanda is from Brazil & is friendly & happy. Amanda earned a scholarship for her exchange year to the USA & it has always been her dream to be in the exchange program. She loves music & volunteering & is eager to try anything new.


*Dennis is from Germany. He is friendly, athletic, tolerant, and active. He likes to go to the gym if he has time & in the US, he would like try football because it looks interesting to him. He has experience teaching young kids how to swim and also babysitting occasionally as a part time job.


*Leal is from Germany. She is open-minded, cheerful & honest. She would to learn more about the American culture and people. She likes roller skating, being with her dogs and cats, art & spending time with her friends & family. She also likes cheerleading and cooking.


*Ruben is from Spain. He is friendly & likes playing soccer and would like to try American football and sports of any kind. He is in one of the best schools in Spain and is a good student.


*Vee, or Jaja (her nickname) is from Thailand. She is enthusiastic & friendly & her teachers describe her as responsible, mature, and well-rounded. Her favorite sports are basketball & volleyball & she enjoys playing the piano. She has also won a drama competition. 


*Luis is from Spain. He is calm, honest & easygoing. He wants to play football while in the US. It has always been his dream to go to the US on an exchange program & he looks forward to meeting new people, becoming more open minded, and taking part in American festivities like Halloween and Thanksgiving.


*Alvaro is from Spain. He is honest, friendly, and easygoing. He likes biking, fishing, soccer, & snow skiing in the winter. When the weather is bad, he enjoys playing videogames or watching movies. Alvaro participates in church activities on Fridays with his youth group.


*Rita is from Thailand. She is patient, hard working & energetic. She enjoys sports wants to try basketball. She also likes watching English movies, photography and music. She would like to participate in a cooking club in the US if possible. She sometimes helps her mom in their clothing store & would like to do an international program in college.


If interested in hosting a foreign exchange student.

please contact:


Heidi Morlock

Forte International Exchange Association

Area Director

H: (605) 284-2083

C: (605) 228-6180





888-866-6869 - Toll Free  

575-527-2454 - Phone     

575-527-0594 - Fax  




Information on Hosting Foreign Exchange Students

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